IT strategy is dead. Now what?

Standalone IT strategy is going the way of the dinosaur —but IT’s role in business success has never been more vital. That’s because IT strategy is now business strategy.

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Join us for a discussion of how IT is playing a critical role in the development and execution of business strategy —including a demo to see howServiceNow IT Business Management can help you align business and IT priorities. You’ll learn:

●How the role of IT in defining business strategy is evolving, with an increased focus on ROI, innovation, and operational efficiency.
●The importance of adaptive planning and the role IT leaders must now play in driving change.
●Insight into how IT leaders can become more active participants in the critical decisions on the future of the business.
●More about the role of ServiceNow IT Business Management in helping IT leaders become effective architects of business strategy.

Velocity Smart Technology partners with ServiceNow to digitize your workflows, so you can do what you love.

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